A scary ‘gramming experience.

it was rushing, angry, fierce. If I was floating & was pulled out by it, I would be gone. If I was standing in it and lost my balance, I would be gone: the billabong was on the edge of a cliff, and beyond that was an expanse of churning ocean. 

How we stopped pushing, and found more happiness in our relationship.

Before I jump into the point of this post ( did someone say #clickbait?? haha, trust, I’ll get there), I’d like to set the scene with three things to note. My partner- holy shit, how old am I??- Patrick and I have one of the most chilled-out relationships in existence. We’ve been together for five years, and…

What I’m up to..

So, it’s been yonks since I sat down and wrote a blog post just for the heck of it. It’s kind of like exercise- when you’re in the habit, easy peasy- but when you haven’t done it for a while you’d probably sing opera, naked, in your closest capital city, than take the leap and…

Exploring Fraser Island with Cool Dingo x

While pouring over maps and Pinterest boards planning our east-coast roadtrip, there was one place that Nikki and I both knew that we had to exist within for a little while. It’s hard to say what caught our eye first about Fraser Island: it might’ve been the beautiful, crystal clear freshwater lakes dotted across the…

Ten reasons that travelling in a JUCY van is the best way to travel!

A hotel on the esplanade, overlooking a beautiful lake or ridiculously close to whatever attraction you’re after is quite often a little out of the student / young folk budget when you’re on the road for more than a few days. There’s something so sweet about camping by or stopping for lunch in spots that you know you could never afford to gaze at with bricks and mortar around you.


C: How did you get there- did you follow a traditional grow-study-work path, or was there another way?’

R: Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk… it’s the only way.

That time.. I got lip fillers and anti-wrinkle injections (at age 23!)

So when I balance out the idea of not having to put a face on all summer to feel confident in my own skin (it only washes off in the ocean anyway!) with my fear of needles and pain and anything mildly unpleasant, stepping out of my comfort zone and into the capable hands of a gorgeous SILK Laser cosmetic nurse to undergo some real-life cosmetic injectable treatments won out- just.

Ethical elephant visiting in Thailand!

“After my unceremonious dumping I wandered over to a large, slow girl who seemed a bit more my pace. Mae-Boon-Sri, the Karen-Village man who spends his days with her told me, is fifty-seven years old (!!), and has had a really tough life.”


“C: If you got to create an itinerary that would show off the most beautiful, underrated parts of Australia, what five places would make the list and why? 

E: Exmouth, WA – It’s a literally a little diamond in the rough. Amidst a dry barren landscape, there’s this vibrant little town that oozes good vibes, with the most incredible coastline and an ocean that feels so alive! It’s got everything travellers want to experience, without the crowds.”

That time… my body stopped working.

“I remember crying to Patrick one afternoon- would I end up in a wheelchair? Would this just keep getting worse? Was this my life now? I’d worked so hard my whole life, worked up to five jobs at a time, owning two businesses, doing a full course-load at uni, bought a house, finally started writing and adventuring and living and for what? To be completely immobilized for hours at a time with no idea why?”