hello, gorgeous.

So, I’m blogging. I’m not sure right now if I have enough to say to run a blog (haha, who am I kidding?!), I hope you get a kick out of my ramblings, and maybe even take away a little bit of my wisdom/methods to my madness with you.

My name is Chloe Jane (Grayling-Steele), most often known by the former. I have a lovely little candle business called Chloe Jane Candle Co, and when I walk down the street legions of my adoring fans often crowd around me, fluttering their hands over their brows and crying “oh my, it’s Chloe Jane!”

Again, probably not kidding anyone but since 98% of my mind has been taken over by soy wax and coconut oil goodness even my friends have taken to calling me Chloe Jane, and people who I meet at the markets I stallhold at go crazy over it.

To break it down, and attempt to introduce myself properly, I am Chloe Jane. I am 20 years old, I have a gorgeous boyfriend who I love a heckload, a taste for anything with extra cheese, olives or pineapple (let’s be real here, we’re talking about pizza), and an insatiable appetite for rich, true experiences- that may be building a connection with a spiritualist slash chef at my cafe job, or spending hours blending oils to create the perfect fragrance when I should be doing uni assignments.

Over the coming weeks, months, years, I will be using this space to communicate with you all of my stuff. Tips and tricks to balancing youthfulness and grace with business and pleasure, wanderings and wonderings, and the general happy mess that goes on inside my head that needs to finally find its way onto paper. Ish.


Chloe Jane x

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