being a happy, chaotic business chick minus the pencil skirt!*

Good afternoon, you beautiful thing.

Today has been crazy for me (it’s a Monday, what did I expect?). It started with some self-love in the form of a long run followed by a long shower followed by some hot cross buns, yummy! I then made my way to my studio in McLaren Vale and gazed adoringly at the new candles that are almost ready to launch, replied to some emails, poured a dozen candles, sent off an order, visited the post office, ate another hot cross bun, delivered some parcels, jumped into the car, sped up to Magill and now I’m waiting on a lecture to start and trying to think solely about the cultural practice of having a house vs a home, which is the topic of the day in my Journalism class.


People ask me all the time how I manage, and to be honest I have no idea- I am certainly not the typical well-organised, thoughtfully planned out business owner, but somehow it all comes together in a happy mess which is actually clean and effective. I almost never wear pencil skirts or double-breasted blazers and I highly doubt that the CEO of Chanel blasts The Temper Trap while she deals with financial, but it works for me.

I think that the most important thing to do in order to have a healthy work-life balance is to accept that you cannot do everything, and know that nobody expects you to. You cannot run a business 9-4, study full time, work a casual job, babysit occasionally, maintain a wholesome social life (this one is actually really important if you are around my age, and it doesn’t mean that you have to head out clubbing: in fact if you do you will probably end up sending half-drunken emails telling your stockists how much you love and appreciate them) and not have any overlap.

You need to work out how to prioritise everything all at once. You need to work out how much sleep you need, and you’ll probably spend your nights before you doze off tapping away at your laptop with one hand and changing the channel on your TV with the other. You’ll miss out on some things, like your friend Dave’s ‘epic bender just because weekend’ and you might need to record How To Get Away With Murder, but there’s no shame in admitting that you can’t be superwoman every day.

If you are a ‘happy mess’ like me, don’t fret- there is something out there for you, the world of business is not all beige and briefcases and as long as you pull it all together before you walk into that meeting, you’ll be just fine.


Chloe Jane x

*Unless you want to wear a pencil skirt, in which case you go girl!

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