A night for the (ADE)ladies

Last night I was lucky enough to be one of the many gorgeous men and women from around our beautiful city invited to the much-anticipated Adelady launch night.

Adelady has been floating around for a few months, the lovechild of former SAFM powerhouses, producer Lauren DeCesare and presenter Hayley Pearson. It aims to culminate the very best of Adelaide fashion, fitness, shopping, food and sweet spots in blogs written by Adelaide ladies, and present them to the ladies of Adelaide- one big, happy community.

The night was organised in part by Girl About Town (our very own superstar PR agency), and truly represented everything that Adelady stands for. The stunning XL marquee lights (provided by Entertainment Adelaide) told the whole world that the party was a big go, and the Corner Store in Dulwitch was the perfect place for it to take place. Pineapples were the theme of the evening and we found pineapple cocktails, pineapple lollies, pineapple-shaped cheese (Woodside Cheese, you’re awesome!!) and even incredible pineapple vase centrepieces by the Eastend Flower Market full of fresh flowers spread around the room.

The food, I cannot get out of my mind- and I’m sure many of the other guests feel the same way. Smooth salmon and cream cheese rounds, fresh rice paper rolls, the worlds-most-incredible spiced hummus, delicate prawns covered in a crisp, light crumb, and gorgeous spinach and cheese egg squares danced in front of us, each tasting even better than the last- and the  a d o r a b l e  mini-gelati cones from Gelatissimo Norwood were the cherry on top of a night of simple culinary delights.

The Corner Store was abuzz, last night, with creative, hardworking minds. There were so many influential, encouraging men and women in attendance, many of whom I’m sure you’ll see in the pages of our local paper in the coming days. It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces, and to meet many more- the daily business gal tip in this post is that even when you’re at a brilliantly social event like a launch, it is so important to approach the women you admire, and soak up every piece of advice they give you- they know what they’re on about! A valuable addition to my little black book last night was the lovely Mary from Davroe Hair Wellness, who is an innovator in good-for-you hare care products and an absolute inspiration.

Thank you so much Adelady for having me at your launch night, I’m so happy for you that the night went like a dream and cannot wait to see what you’ve got to show us in the future!


Chloe Jane x

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