The best places to eat you’ll (n)ever hear of.

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If you’re anything like me, then you believe that the only thing that makes great food taste even better is the knowledge that it’s from a hole-in-the-wall location that is run on pure passion.

You know what I’m talking about- it’s always fun (and consistent!) eating at a trendy joint in the city, with a hub of PR people and a crush of gorgeous twenty-somethings advocating for your patronage, but there’s something special about stumbling upon somewhere that doesn’t have an interior-design firm fit but does have a whole lot of soul- and because I consider you my dear friends, I’m going to share a few of my favourites!

// Rice Bar, 90F Winston Ave, Melrose Park. I seriously doubt that this place will ever not make the top of my favourite eateries list. Rice bar does a range of food, and is reasonably well known locally for their traditional Bipimbap- a mixed rice dish, full to the brim with meats, veggies and a variety of sauces, but I travel 40 minutes there every so often for Sushi. Ah, I’m salivating a little just thinking about it! Rice Bar offer a wide variety of freshly made, and i mean freshly made sushi rolls- they don’t leave any out for sale for more than 30 minutes, so if you visit outside of lunch hours they’re happy to make your order for you from scratch while you wait. The combinations are delightful, albeit not customary- the Salt and Pepper Squid is beyond words, the squid holds a tinge of warmness to it still and melts delicately in your mouth with every bite. The tempura veg is my pick for the herbivore, slightly crunchy and always delicious. Their range includes plenty of others, so to put a bright spark in your day//week//month, do yourself a favour and go and see for yourself! (It is worth mentioning, too, that the service at Rice Bar is consistently incredible- you’ll see.)

// Waffle King, 85 Sturt Rd, Dover Gardens. Waffle King is likely one of those places that you’ve driven by a million times and thought ‘wow, I have to go in there one of these days!’ Two words: seriously, do. When my friend Tash and I ran through Adelaide’s pouring rain and gale force winds to get to the door of this place, I remember one of us shouting over the chaos “This had better be worth it!” Half an hour later, the sweet treats that the staff had presented us with had cemented in our minds that it certainly was. The first thing to know about Waffle King is that they hands down make the best waffles in Adelaide. The owner and director is a Belgian expat, and holy macaroni did he bring the best of his country with him. They are ridiculously fresh, and made with such love and care that you can taste it in every bite. The toppings are simple. I recommend silky Belgian chocolate and strawberries- the basic nature of these means that, combined with the sugary, hot waffle, every one of your tastebuds will sing with delight as you close your eyes and savour what is happening. A second shopfront has just opened up in Glenelg, and to be totally honest I personally prefer the lively decor and convenience of take-away in such a bustling location, but they’re as good as each other. Really, really good.

// Spargo’s, Westfield Marion. Okay, let me first address the elephant in the room and say that Spargo’s used to have a pretty bad rep. It was the place that you went when you wanted to grab a quick dinner before your movie started, and you never knew if you’d receive your okay meal until before or after the credits were rolling. This past explains the smattering of one and two-star reviews all over the internet, but let’s be real- we all have a past and most of us would probably rather forget some parts of it. The new chapter of this restaurant’s life began in early March, when it’s doors were thrown open after a lengthly refurbishment- everything had changed. The menu is now utterly contemporary, very reasonably priced (students and other poor people like moi, check out two-for-one-pasta Mondays!) and wonderfully delicious. Their Schiacciata is (and it’s a bold call, especially since it’s the second of it’s kind in this post!) the best in Adelaide- warm, crunchy, salty and soft. Because I’m difficult I like to add prosciutto to the tomato-basil base for true mouth and tummy happiness, and their avocado chicken pasta is my other pick of the menu- but really, it’s all excellent. The staff know what they’re doing and seem to really want to be there, and their uniform, while it may not be pressing, is really cute. Fresh, fun and flirty, Spargo’s decor, food and atmosphere all get a big tick from me- you’ll even be out with time to score some popcorn and a choc-top but you won’t be able to fit them in!

//Greek Olive 2/4 Rupert Ave, Bedford Park. I like to finish with a bang, and here we are. Now, having never been to Greece (yet!) I have not a clue what I’d be expecting to find there but I think that this cozy little joint would have me pretty close. The second you walk in you are treated like a guest rather than a customer, and it is very clear that the Greek Olive is run by a family- the incredible pictures on the wall from their homeland aren’t pulled off Stockphoto, that’s their wedding, her cousin’s gorgeous smile, someone they know standing on a donkey beaming down at you. This service extends to the food. The meals are authentic, and like the most caring of hosts the Greek Olive chef has also catered for the inexperienced. The Vegetarian Moussaka is perfect. Every layer is dotingly prepared, and each ingredient- sweet potato, eggplant, a creamy béchamel sauce- sings on your palate, the resulting richness is enough to linger in your mind for days. The paidakia is less daring than it sounds, a simple and delicious trio of lamb cutlets marinated and served with a greek style potato salad. Cheap eats? Absolutely. You’ll come into this place because a friend told you to, and come back because you’ve fallen in love.

That’s it from this lady! You’ve probably noticed that all of these sweet street (ish) eats are from the south side of town because it’s where I spend most of my time, so I could be missing some incredible spots across the rest of our city! Where can you recommend, just between you and me?


Chloe Jane x

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  1. This has made me hungry! Sadly, I’m North East so the chances of getting to these places are a little more remote but sounds like it would be worth the effort!


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