Strawberries in the oven, wine in my hand, emails open and sweet (local!) tunes playing- saturday bliss.

Yeah, seriously- I found a recipe for oven-dried strawberries which promises to give me an energy kick and a sweet flavour punch, and which I suspect will go really well with chocolate so here we are.

More about the song above. Total disclaimer, Lucas is one of my dearest friends so of course I’m going to support him and spread the love, but if I didn’t think that you guys would adore his magical musical vibes as much as I do I wouldn’t be spending a Saturday night telling you about him. Lucas spent the best part of 2015 globetrotting, and it was in Canada that he found his true voice. Raw, upbeat and aching with hope and tenderness, his new release in the form of Maple Leaf Jam is the perfect accompaniment to nights in, rainy days, dreamy coastal drives and whenever else you need to be reminded of the beauty and complication of life.

Breakdown: indie acoustic pop rock hailing from Adelaide, Australia.

Playlist Picks: Little Old Me, Mountain Top, Just One Night, Part Me.

Sounds Like: Think City and Colour x The Spill Canvas’ acoustic stuff.

Enjoy! Love, Chloe Jane x

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