six short & sweet reasons that having a little brother is (secretly) the best.

You always had a best friend growing up. You got to play pirates and make mudcakes and stage WWE fights with him, and he was always down to put on a dress and have a fashion parade with you. Your parents will thank you for those awesome twenty-first photos one day!

SO much less work than having a sister. If you wanna sit in front of the TV and pig out on salt and vinegar chips, he’ll be there in a flash. He won’t nag you to come for a run with him, he won’t make pointed comments about junk food going straight to your hips and he’ll (probably) never steal your favourite shirt before you’ve had a chance to wear it. Plus, two of you in one house? Shudder.

He’s possibly the only guy you’ll ever feel 100% yourself around. Your hypothetical man might know you better than almost anyone, but has he seen you crying after you’ve been dumped, or chucking an absolute hissy fit at your dad for grounding you? I think not.

He taught you how to deal with annoying people. Linda from work might be a tad irritating now and then, but she’ll never hover her hand a centimetre from your face while chanting “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you”, will she. Will she? That’s really bizarre.

Meeting his girlfriends is the best thing ever. As a teenager, they’ll probably provide a tonne for you and your mum to talk about in whispered tones, and as he gets older they’ll be really cool women, who love him nearly as much as you do.

You’ll always be someone’s hero. You might have forgotten about the time when you chased away the kids that were bullying him at school or online. The way you used to help him with his homework when your parents had no idea, or when you covered for him breaking your mum’s favorite teacup, might mean nothing to you anymore, but it means the world to him.

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