Sit lo, the place to go? Pho sho’.

*please note, other possible titles for this piece included “will sit well with your tastebuds” and “shawty got (Sit) Lo Lo Lo Lo” and I hope you can appreciate these as much as I can.

Hurrying down an alleyway between Hindley Street and North Terrace after dark is usually not the best life decision for a twenty year old girl to make, especially when she is a) from a town with 152 residents and convinced that Adelaide is basically NYC but with less never sleeping and more mall’s balls and b) dressed in heels that look wonderful but feel like you’re walking on a porcupine’s butt. Luckily for me, aforementioned twenty-year-old girl, doing just that led me into the gorgeous little hideaway that is Sit Lo.

Located on Bank Street, Sit Lo is one of the many newish havens for foodies and life enthusiasts alike which seem to be popping up all over the place. It stands out on the otherwise mainly shabby Bank Street strip, facade looking a little shinier and more urbane than it’s other Asian food-vending neighbors.

Stepping into it’s embrace, the first thing you’ll notice (at least after dark), is that it could be dingy, if it wasn’t so darn eclectic- the decor style is industrial chic, complete with raw floorboards and pendant lights with a signature bicycle wheel wall- you’ll see- and open concrete ceiling exposing the wiring above. These aspects, combined with deep, bassy hip hop at 7:30PM on a Monday night, make you feel edgy and cool even when you’re just picking up some dinner.

The staff at Sit Lo are simply lovely- the first time I visited they were happy to explain the particulars of Vietnamese pronunciation over my stumbling articulation (FYI it’s ‘fuh’, not ‘foww’), and the second time I was greeted with a familiar warmth and sweetness.

Tasting Notes.

Beef Pho.

 An almost clear consommé bursting with surprisingly intricate flavours is the base of this delicious noodle soup dish. The noodles are bright and al dente, the beef thinly sliced, and fresh herbs- coriander and basil- pack a serious punch. Don’t bother using chopsticks, I’m a seasoned professional with a half Chinese family unit and unless you’ve been born and bred without a knife and fork you’ll look like a goose.

Pork Belly Bao.

 The star of Sit Lo, and perhaps Vietnamese cuisine in general, this soft steamed bun filled with goodness has a consistency and taste like nothing else. The sweetness and smoke of sticky pork belly and hoi sin sauce, the fresh crunch of pickled cucumber and the light tang of scallions combine and roll over your tastebuds, finishing with a murmur of spice never quite realised. 11/10 on the will be craving later scale, incredible.

The Bottom Line

Sit Lo is a cheerful, charming stop in the middle of our bustling little city. For cheep street eats, I would look no further- and it’s perfectly instagrammable, too!

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