2015 in review x 

Your Facebook feed is undoubtedly full of posts about the year that has been, the year that will be and all of life’s trials and triumphs today, so it seems almost fitting that I add to the chorus.

2015 has been the wildest, hardest, most wonderful year of my life thus far. It has been a melting pot of soaring highs and lows so knee-graze-on-bitchumenesque that it’s almost mind boggling to consider that all of what has been has happened in a mere 365 days.

It was the year that Chloe Jane Candle Co got real as heck, with the gorgeous #girlbosses at Girl About Town taking over PR, our packaging and branding going in a completely different direction and opening up newspapers and magazines to find out products splashed all over the place. It was the year that La Bohéme Collective took a running leap and did the whole jumping-in-with-two-feet thing. It was the year that Love Chloe Jane began, still my favourite thing albeit a little neglected of late.

2015 saw a lot of mostly happy chaos in my personal life, too- I travelled overseas for the first time, moved out of home for real, withdrew from uni, applied for a dream course (cross your fingers, 19 days till I know!), met some serious soul mates of friends, was lucky enough to spend time with some pre existing gorgeous souls, left a job that made my heart ache, found a job that makes my heart sour, bought a house, adopted the most gorgeous fur baby on the planet and learned to breathe.

June was the clincher in terms of anguish- we came very very close to losing one of our own in a terrible motorbike accident, I said goodbye to two of the best friendships I’ve ever treasured to each other, or to stubbornness, or to my own doing (guess I’ll never know), I made a huge life decision regarding my health and future, had a slight emotional breakdown while maintaining a calm and composed facade at launches and photo shoots, and forgot how to live.

The most important thing that this year has taught me, or should I say retaught me, is the joy that lies in putting others before yourself. The simple thrill of asking how somebody’s day has gone, and meaning it. The act of kindness in a smile to a stranger, or to putting down your phone no matter how busy you are and simply being present. It seems to me that our generation has a monumental fixation on self improvement, self deprication, self love, self discover, just self– how refreshing it is to swim against the current from time to time.

So here’s to a helluva year- the year that could have been, has been and never will be again. Thank you to everyone who’s supported, loved, leant a shoulder or ear or couple of dollars for hot chips over the last twelve months, it’s time now to cast our eyes to the bright and beautiful future and get really, really excited for all that will come x


One Comment Add yours

  1. Carissa says:

    Nice one Chloe
    Soar not sour right?
    Just the teacher in me…
    You’re an inspiration and your dad would be proud. Happy new year xx


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