How to turn a crap day into a slightly less crap day*

*DISCLAIMER: these tips may or may not work. My grumps are telling me that they deffo won’t but the niggling little angel on my shoulder is telling me they do, every time, and to tell my grumps to shove off and do some of them.

Today has been a shit day. Alright, honestly I’ve written one sentence and am already feeling like a big guilty goose for even having such a thought, as I know down to my core that I’m so so so so lucky and that my worst day would be heaven on earth for some people, but I’m also a firm advocate for having those moments where you just wallow in the glumness you feel like a pig in mud and right now is one of those moments.

Reasons today was the worst day in the history of the universe: I couldn’t get a park at uni so I had to trek from Siberia (the loving *cough* nickname given to the gravel-and-dust laced deep space a million miles from anything), I couldn’t concentrate at all in lectures because the guy next to me was jiggling his leg so much that the whole row of chairs was shaking and gave me actual motion sickness, the free BBQ sold out just before I reached it, my dumb not-even-that-cute shoes gave me blisters, and I caught up with a gorgeous school friend and was reminded how other people we went to school with are still stuck in the cliquey-harmful high school phase. Oh, and I’m pretty sure Archer ate his own poop while he was home alone for all of three hours.

Okay, I feel better now. If having a giant whinge isn’t on your list of constructive ways to feel a bit better about life, try one of these nifty ideas instead!

1) Reset. This is something I do at work all the time, and as naff and basic as it sounds it works pretty well. Take a minute, thirty seconds, half a moment out and actively decide that this spot right here is the new start of your day. Close your eyes, sip some water, and split it into two parts- the shitty first bit and the shiny, golden kick-ass second. Particularly helpful when you have a break (this is why I do it at work), ’cause humans love to wait for a new start, be it day, week, year, as an official fresh dawn.

2) Watch a feel-good movie. About Time, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and This is Where I Leave You are all guaranteed to leave you grinning like a loony and ugly-snot-crying (but in a good way) at the same time. The second two are on Netflix, the first one is worth the walk to the video shop for. Trust me.

3) Take a walk. Especially effective if you leave your headphones at home, put your phone in your pocket and take it all in. Peer up at trees and think about how long it took them to grow there, run your hand along fences and listen to the sound it makes, breathe deeply, right to the bottom of your lungs. Extra cuddly feelings will happen if you take your dog.

4) Clean something. Sounds super strange, but the basis of this helping is that if you pick a job to do that you can finish, you’ll get that little burst of pride that you experience when you complete something top to bottom. You may have dropped your ice cream on the ground and cried when your teacher asked how you were today, but at least your bedside draws have their shit together.

5) Have a social media purge. I don’t mean step away from it (heaven forbid!), I mean cleanse it of anyone who makes you feel lamer than you are. And by that I mean lamer than an absolute super god / goddess who can handle anything. Delete them, block them, unfollow their pages. You haven’t spoken in four years, why do you need to scrutinize their holiday photos? You don’t.

6) Make yourself a smoothie bowl. Easier than they look, bright, colourful and an absolute joy to eat despite being healthy as heck, win win win! Check out @smoothiebowls, @smoothie_planet or @earthyandy on insta for inspo.

7) Get in touch with your body. I don’t mean “in touch wink wink nudge nudge”, although if that’s what works for you then go for gold, I mean reconnect. We spend so much time using our bodies as vehicles and not as sacred temples. Take a bath fizzing with bathbombs, natural oils or plain old epson salts, give your lover a rub down (this Lush massage bar is my current obsession) and politely request one for yourself, or book into a yoga class quick smart.

8) Have a good cry. Wallow in self pity, scream into your pillow, sob “why meeeeeee?!?!” as you stare at your tear-stained face in the mirror. You’ll feel pretty silly, and a little bit better all at once.

9) Be nice to someone. Write a nice birthday card, a sweet letter, a comment on a photo being wonderful or supportive. Smile at a stranger. Hold the door open. Ask your cashier how their week is going, and listen. Do the dishes even though it’s not your turn. Surprise your colleagues / classmates with some doughnuts. Call your grandma, just because. You’ll be surprised how much making their day brightens yours.

10) Take a look at the sunset, at the beach. It constantly blows me away that so much of Australia doesn’t get to experience the sun going down over the water. There’s nothing more therapeutic than salty air and watercolour skies, end of.

What do you do to make yourself feel a little more golden during a shitty day? 


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