The Chloe Jane Netflix weekend binge guide.

For some of us, it’s the last weekend of holidays; and the realisation has just dawned that we have packed the past two weeks with productive, worthwhile activities- meaning that we are running n fumes in terms of how much pop culture / lame but excellent movies / cult tv sows we have consumed. For others, there’s a long weekend stretched out ahead of us and the crappy weather means we have no plans other than chucking on our oldest jammies and curling up on the couch. Whatever the occasion, here’s a list of the best, the most addictive and the trending-for-a-reason goodness abound on Netflix right now, right there for your viewing pleasure.

Serious TV show that will make you think / research / feel all of the feelings- Orphan Black.

What better time is there to binge on a TV show than when the latest season is just unfurling? Netflix has you covered for the first two seasons, get ready for some serious roller-coaster emotions with this one. I recommend getting a friend to haul butt over and watch it with you, because you will want to talk about what is happening to someone.

Hilarious and insanely well written TV show which will also make you feel all of the feelings but in a different way- How I Met Your Mother.

Yes, obviously you have watched HIMYM before- and yes, it is highly likely that you’ve seen every episode, but no that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a legit reason to cancel all of your plans and watch it again, start to finish. You can cut yourself some slack if you can’t cram it into the next thirty six hours seeing as there is a 108(!!) hour running time across nine seasons to devour, but as long as you do your darnedest that’s okay. Get keen as mustard for Lily’s sweetness, Marshall’s punniness, Robin’s sassiness, Ted’s charm and Barny’s… Barnyness? and make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand for the finale.

Perfect teenybopper movie(s) that you will never be too old for – tie  –  Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging AND Mean Girls.

AT&PS because it is so so funny watching this movie as an adult and feeling yourself curl up and die at the realisation that Georgia is totally unreasonable and bratty in parts and because Robbie is a SEX GOD now and always (lifelong Aaron Johnson Fan Club member right here) (am aware that it’s petty to leave out the hyphenated part of his last name belonging to his wife but it’s my blog so there), and Mean Girls just to see if you can still recite all the lines before they’re said- particularly the one about the heavy flow and the wide set vagina.

Documentary that will restore and build on your faith in family, friendship and being a human being, and is super interesting and fun to watch- Twinsters.

I can’t tell you too much about this film without giving it away, but it is far and beyond the most amazing doco I have seen in a very long time- and for a 21 year old, i really like docos. Please, do yourself a favour and watch it. *Pop*.

Older film that has been rated number one film of all time on a bunch of occasions and is pretty much a must see- Shawshank Redemption. 

If you didn’t catch this in year 11 English class or during one of the bi-weekly Saturday night movie replays that commercial TV seems to adore, you simply must get on this one. It’s a bit slow to start if you’re not into solemn stuff, but when it gets going it will burn so brightly into your mind that you will never, every forget it. Powerful stuff.

So, that lot should keep you busy for the weekend ahead- do you have a favourite Netflix go-to or six? 


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