A tribe of Australian Instagram accounts you want to be following.

Instagram is unashamedly my all time favourite form of social media, and probably could be listed as a hobby on my resume, too. There’s something so golden about seeing people’s lives through rose tinted glasses, and experiencing the way that they do life with pretty filters and strategic angles- bloody love it. 

Some accounts are so excellent that you just want to be their creator’s absolute best friend and others are run by some seriously talented folk; here are some of the accounts that make my feed ((read: second home)) a whole lot brighter x

13045511_10206450644520631_1023482588_n@lichipan; Li-Chi is a minimalist appreciator x colour and composition whiz, which makes her Instagram page quite a sight tobehold. Her posts are clean and pretty, a breath of fresh air if your feed is as chaotic as mine, and each is quite obviously full of planning and heart. The food piccies she posts look wayyy too good to eat; this gal is quite simply a social media goddess! 13081722_10206450645680660_1275867025_n@chloeandbeans; If you’re as lowkey smitten with babies, children and the idea of motherhood as I am, look no further. 23 year old Chloe ((great name!)) and her husband Ro have six (!!) children, under the age of three (!!!), and her account is a photo diary of all the craziness and love that this involves. It’ll keep your ovaries quiet for a little while longer, and make you cheer on a family that you don’t even know- absolute adoration. 13101006_10206450645840664_586264986_n@fluffegram; Nathan makes fairyfloss. He also makes a damn good Instagram followee, filling your page with his genius pastel creations and he’s actually super funny, too: check out his snapchat at fluffesnap to get an inside glimpse into the hilarity of being a small business owner x creative entrepreneur. 13101142_10206450645240649_673333334_n@smackbangdesigns; Australia’s premier design and branding company, the mob at Smack Bang know exactly what they’re doing, and exactly what you love. Their posts are super informative, and perfect if you’re in want of inspiration, tips or just some slick photos to make your eyes happy. 13101168_10206450645960667_515316577_n@elisecook; Watch this space, because this girl is going places. Literally, she is in constant adventure mode with her man, her friends and her gorgeous camper-van Scout, but also she is a keen photographer and life lover who’s follower count is probably going to hit 100K by the end of the year. Elise actually lives in the same region (#lovethefleurieu) as me which makes her insanely sweet lifestyle all the easier to envy, but she’s just so lovely that you can’t help but love her feed from the second you see it. 13101530_10206450645360652_42195240_n@lovechloejaneWhaaaaat? That’s me! How on earth did this get in here? Must have been some crazy computer hard drive memory RAM network thing. May as well leave it here now though, oh well!13101536_10206450645760662_1929748723_n@zotheysay; I have to admit that I discovered this absolute BOSS LADY through her husband, Australia’s sweetheart Hamish Blake. Sorry Hamish, she’s officially the more incredible one in the relationship. Zoe is an author, business owner, wife, lover of fancy things and mother to the cutest little chipmunk cheeked child in existence, her posts will sometimes make you want to wet your pants with laughter and will always make you wish she was your bestie. Good stuff. Also, goals. 13115540_10206450645480655_2091785479_n@elsas_wholesomelife; Who knew veganism could be this stunning? Apparently this lady did, and she will happily and bountifully fill your instagram feed with smoothie bowls, fruit on fruit and scrumptious recipes which will make you feel as good as they look. Her colour scheme is on point, and she’s set to become a bit (lot) of a Gen-Y icon. 13140658_10206450644280625_1056481506_n@aimee_elyse; Aimee is an ambassador for Chloe Jane Candle Co, and it has been a pleasure to watch her style flourish with such grace. She’s humble as heck and super talented in terms of styling and vision, one to watch for absolute sure!13152640_10206450645200648_2122510343_n@tuulavintage; If any Instagram account is going to hit you with a mild case of tall poppy syndrome it’s absolutely this one. Jessica travels the world and experiences the best of the best, sharing it all with her 2.2M followers in a breathtaking way. She’s pretty candid about the ups and downs of her lifestyle but hey, someone’s got to do it (and it may as well be someone who looks incred in a bikiki!)

Who have I missed? What are your favourite accounts, must sees and instacrushes? Let me know @lovechloejane x

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