Shangri-La (La La Laaa)

If you’ve been waiting for something a little bit different to reach Adelaide, somewhere you can go on a Friday night and have an incredible time, every time, you’re going to be absolutely smitten with Shangri-La.

Tucked up a flight of stairs on Hindley’s busiest strip, Shangri-La is a balanced blend of modern karaoke bar, private party spot and sweet club. The brainchild of Gondola Gondola owner Tuoi Tran, ShangriLa brings the fun of Singstar (I would know, current and also forever household champ) and the energy of a night on the town together to create something seriously magical.

As you walk in, the first thing you’ll notice is all of the incredible artwork- walls and ceilings are adorned with bold and bright touches that bring Asia to you- and the instant  deep, mysterious atmosphere that this creates. My personal favourite artistic bit is the gorgeous girl on the far right wall, but the flock of red hanging lanterns that double as mood lighting aren’t far behind.

As far as a club goes, ShangriLa seems like it’d be right at home on the trendy east end; perhaps its location is a sign that the party scene in Adelaide is continuing to spread and evolve. Drinks are pretty standard when it comes to pricing, ten bucks will set you back a huge (and dangerously delicious) glass of Somersby apple cider. Whatever you get, I recommend enjoying with friends on the dance floor or draped over the scattering of lounges and chairs- it’s the perfect drop to get you warmed up for the good bit.

Honestly, the decor, soul and space at the front of this place make a great club as is, and as you soak it up surrounded by strangers and friends you wouldn’t be the first to think that if this room is it it’s been a great night and you’ll definitely be back. Then your private space is ready.

I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head how many exclusive karaoke rooms Shangri-La boasts, but I can tell you that there are enough. Groups of 8-10 make the sweetest combination of people to sing / squawk / rap along, film and giggle with, and if you’re game and you want to get into a room faster, two small groups joining together and making a night of it will double your fun!

The rooms are soundproof (thank the lord) and comfy, each is set up with a massive TV, surround speakers, a table for drinks and nibbles (NOT to dance on, which would be both cheeky and dangerous- you have been warned!) and the golden child of karaoke machines. Seriously, there is not a song that we couldn’t find on ours; everything from classic ABBA and ‘Call Me Maybe’ to our teen crushes All Time Low and Paramore; new songs are loaded to them monthly so you can keep up with what the kids are listening to.They’re user friendly, too, which came in handy after a few of the aforementioned ciders ; you can turn the volume up and down, sing along with the artist or be your own star, and search for your next tune while somebody else is belting out Teenage Dirtbag without interrupting them.

We spend two hours during the launch with a hilarious tribe of bloggers, writers and talented people breaking out our best dance moves, and it felt like ten minutes. We laughed, we cried, we left with stars in our eyes and very little in the way of voices, swearing we’d be back. Shangri-La is the spot to go for a night out with friends, for work team-building (possibly trying to convince my bosses of this excellent point) and for something out of the ordinary. The grand opening party is spread out over tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, and it’s well worth the trip into town- whether you’re the next Adele or not.

Shangri-La Karaoke Bar can be found at Level 1 128 Hindley Street, Adelaide, and is open til 3AM weekdays and 5AM Saturday and Sunday. 


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