It’s about getting off your bum and doing the heck out of this life, rather than just being alive. It’s about surrounding yourself with people, places, experiences that your soul can’t help but soak up and adore like crazy. It’s about balmy nights, sundown sessions, crystal clear water, early morning starts, endless laughter, getting your heart racing, learning to appreciate yourself, taking in every single moment as if it’s your most precious yet; because it damn well is! It’s about living a little, learning a lot and taking this summer for all it’s worth. This is #thelivealittlesummer, and it’s going to be incredible.

     I stared at the TV screen blankly, realising that I’d scrolled all the way around to the first Netflix titles again. I knew I’d been watching a lot, sure- but I was busy. Busy in a way that I could hardly explain- juggling full time uni, two jobs (barista four days a week, manager at a wood oven pizza restaurant three), two businesses and a home to look after had me so worn out that the spare moments I had to myself were spent draped over my bed, with the blinds closed and my brain switched off.

It was in that moment, of drudgery and dullness and same-same, that I realised something had to change. Somehow, a life that had gone from college captain to beach bum to workaholic to girlboss to blogger to uni student, had turned into something that was simply being alive. Just existing.

‘This is not how I do it’, I blurted out, spinning around to face my dogs; both of whom had bemused expressions on their faces- far too used to my random outbursts. ‘I keep seeing these incredible, wonderful, jetset realities on Instagram and wondering why I can’t live like that’, Archer, the older and wiser of the two, yawns and closes his eyes. ‘I can live like that! I’m 22 years old! Why am I watching other people live these amazing lives from my bedroom, instead of living one myself??’ I pause mid-monologue to see how I’m being received by my audience. They’re both asleep. I leave the dark room, rustle around ‘til I find a pen and a notebook, and get to work.

     Things That Are Making Me Unhappy: I start the list with the most powerful of intentions, ready to zero in on life’s little flaws and fix them within the next hour or so, but it gets a bit depressing after:

  • I’m a bit fat’,
  • ‘all I do is work’, and
  • ‘seriously, I have to have some free time somewhere. Wait a second, this is free time. WTF am I doing with my life??’,

so I scrunch it up and start a new one; The Summer of Fun. It’s a working title, but it’s a start, and I know that the second the spark of thee idea catches my mind alight, the ideas will start flowing freely. Go on a boat. Twenty minutes later, I look up from scrolling through facebook and see where I’m at. Go on a boat. Awesome.

I put the word out to my tribe that night at dinner and they throw some insane ideas out that we can all do together, and finally my mind kicks into gear too; a new passion project, has finally unfurled and I am already living, already thrilled, already so excited for the months to come. I quit one of my jobs, I finish the uni semester for a year, I stop shake-and-winning at every HJs I come across and start breathing more deeply, seeing more clearly, and getting plans into place.

I’m going to learn another language conversationally. (Did you know more than half the world speak more than one language? How embarrassing!) I’m going to camp, cliff-jump, roadtrip, snorkel, conquer an obstacle course or two, hike, climb, drink lots of wine, eat lots of pizza, watch too many sunsets to count, eat soulfood, sing, start surfing again, live in the ocean like it’s a second home, eat more pizza, boogie the nights away, catch up with friends, buy local, add a million more items to the list as it happens and start to live a little– to do my fourteen year old self proud, give my forty year old self some seriously sweet memories to smile back on.

I’m so excited to say that the first days of #thelivealittlesummer are here (I always sucked at being patient). Keep one eye on the @lovechloejane Instagram page and the other right here for all of the incredible things our region, state and country have to offer for a human with big dreams and a uni-student budget, and please feel free to offer up suggestions- we’ve got some amazing collaborations in the works already, and are always open to something new!


Stay golden,

Love, Chloe Jane xo


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  1. Brooke says:

    If you’re looking for a good place to camp on the Murray, try out Morgan. 15-20 minutes up the road is Caudo vineyard and they have awesome wood oven pizza, wine and sangria. They also play great music and are on the river providing blissful views. By the way this post was so inspiring and idea provoking especially after a long year at uni!


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