How to turn your little home into your big love.

If you live in a house you call your own (that is, without mum or dad around to pick the towels up off of the floor or cook you dinner), then you understand how easy it is to fall in and out of love with your space.

Some days it’s a sanctuary, a habitat which you know and which knows you like you were built just to meld together, and other days it’s a giant building full of crap that you eat in, sleep in and wish could clean it’s damn self.

For the days when you’re feeling less than pure adoration for the bricks and mortar around you (or for those who’ve just found a new place to call their own), here are my very own tips for falling head over heels with your own nest every now and then.

Put its glad rags on.

Have you ever hung a piece of art, and thought it looked a bit funny? Then, after a while, you’ve forgotten what the bare wall ever was, and wondered how you could have stood such a blank canvas for so long? Me too. Art in every form (from prints, to photos of loved ones, to crazy abstract messes your little cousins drew) is a really quick way to liven up a space, and with beautiful designs to choose from at Target and Kmart for pennies, you really have no excuse not to. My favourites are cotton mandala tapestries, which I get for a steal from ebay as feature wall hangings (three pins or nails across the top and voila!) and pages carefully torn from the likes of Collective Hub and Frankie for some artistic inspiration that you can pop up without even having to leave the house (ie: put on pants) for.


Mandala tapestries. Mandala tapestries everywhere.

Change it up.

Recently it was ridiculously hot in Adelaide, and Patrick and I were sweltering in our air-conditioner-less bedroom. This resulted in us dragging our mattress into the house’s (coolest) main room, an open plan living / lounge area. This resulted in us loving the space, the floorboards and the bright airiness around us so much that I took a day off and moved the whole house around. Bedroom into lounge, lounge into guest room (now it’s a TV room, yeah we fancy), guest room into our old bedroom and the spare room into an office. Patrick was a little bit taken aback when he got home from work to essentially a new place, but we love it- not living by anyone’s rules but our own has given us a whole lot more space for spooning.


Hello, new bedroom!

Give it some lovin’, attention and scrubbin’.

Okay, this one is about as exciting as, well, cleaning your whole house when the sun is shining and there’s life to be lived, but it’s a sure fire way to feel better about your space. I pop on some loud, categorically awful music, have a little boogie and get as much done in my undies and an old shirt as I can until I run out of steam. I reckon rushing about like your butt’s on fire helps. It might just be a quick sweep and a bathroom scrub, it might be a wipe down of the kitchen and some toilet cleaner around the rim or it might be sorting out the Tupperware cupboard and attempting to go through the fridge for stuff that’s officially no good, but it’s something, god dammit.

Indulge your senses.

I am very aware that the headline of this point sounds like a sign out the front of a pretty tacky beauty salon / waxing emporium / definitely untrained massage parlour, but we’re rolling with it. Sometimes the issue isn’t mess, or drab-ness (hellooooo new mandala tapestry wall), it’s just no ‘wow’ factor. No little zing that makes you yearn to get home. The case here could be that it’s all a bit sterile.

Tips are as follows:

1) Try burning a few different candles (ahem, in different zones of your house to accentuate mood areas and tell your body where it should be excited about, chill out in or get some motivation around, 2) work out how to change the lighting if it’s harsh or bright with strategically placed lamps, 3) swap out the threadbare throw a mate’s auntie thought you’d like when you just moved out for something plush and comfortable, 4) play some music for happy ears (=happy heart) or 5) plants. Plants everywhere, for easy breathing and to feel a little more alive.


Really though, a happy home = a home full of Ishka goodness (amirite?!)

If all else fails, get a puppy. They’re cute as shit, and you’ll be stoked to be coming home to them even if your walls are a funny off-cream colour and the dishes are piled so high you can’t see the sink anymore x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kimberley Bartlett says:

    “if all else fails get a puppy” thats basically a rule for any problem in life to be honest hahaha


    1. ChloeJane says:

      That is the truest thing I’ve ever heard 😂😂😂🙌🏼


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