How to score a sweet Instagram collaboration opportunity or two*

*by someone who hands them out!

Ah, Instagram. Once the place for pictures of every meal you ever ate and every bangin’ club photo that was snapped of you on a Saturday night (just me?), it has now evolved into a creative hub- an absolute feast for those who have their fingers on the lifestyle pulse. It’s also become an incredible marketing tool, with everyone from The Body Shop to LG to all the hotels in Bali to Chloe Jane Candle Co seeing its potential to reach people who want to know what’s up.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence- I’ve been collaborating with people (I don’t like to call them influencers, because I feel that a) it’s a bit naff and b) they are people, not commodities) with Chloe Jane Candle Co since 2014, and over the last twelve months have worked with some incredible brands, too. If you’re looking to get in the scene, read on for a couple of hella helpful points to get you there.


Realise it’s a two way street.

When you work with a brand (and yes, it is work), know that it is an absolutely mutually beneficial situation. You’re benefiting in getting your hot little hands on some cool product for cheaper / free / an undisclosed amount of cashola (hellooooo students!), and they’re benefiting in getting promotion to your followers, great photos they can use on their website or for further marketing, and another member of their much-loved community. Win win!

It is work.

As stated above, you don’t get anything for nothing and the trade-off here is that there’s work involved. Chucking your candle (for example) on your unmade bed and snapping a shot of it might work if you’re Sjana Earp or Kylie Jenner, but if not then you’re going to have to get that brain ticking. You need to work out how to capture your own style in a way that’s flattering for the product and in line with the brand, grab a great photo and then flex your editing, filtering and captioning skills in a big way. Also, be prepared for feedback and adjustments, just like there would be with any creative project.

Not only is it important to do people who are doing good for you, it’s also really important to take pride in your work.

PicMonkey Collage3.jpg


Sure, there are creatives out there who brands really, really want to work with- we’ve been lucky enough to create magic with some incredible people who we’ve reached out to. There are, however, plenty more who have ideas, and talent, and the fortitude to ask if they can hook up with us– contrary to popular belief, it isn’t needy or tacky, and it’s a bloody godsend. It makes our lives easier, and it’ll make you feel pretty good that you’ve reached out to whoever and offered your talent- talk about taking initiative!

Quality > Quantity.

Don’t stress if you don’t have a large following- I have often chosen to work with Instagrammers who have a following of less than 1k people and hold awesome flair and great attitudes over those who have ten, twenty or two hundred thousand who’s views and style don’t align with our own.

Be genuine.

We want to work with you because you’re you! Instagram is awesome at displaying who people are brightly and proudly, whether you spend your days drifting between islands with coconut in hand or wrangling your kids and sneaking hideouts in the pantry. Embrace that, don’t try and be anyone or anything you’re not, and above all,

Have fun!

PicMonkey Collage5.jpg

Love, Chloe Jane x

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  1. Hello from (cold) Maine! My cat has a decent Instagram following (20K) and I have a decent amount of medical school student loans… Any advice on how I can take advantage of the cat/medical world and pay off some debt? Thanks for reading!


    1. ChloeJane says:

      Hey Corynne! This is an embarrassingly late reply but I’ve just remembered blog comment replies are a thing, haha- absolutely you could use that following to make some cash! Check out any influencer platforms in your area (pretty sure the US has a heap, just google them) and create a media kit to ping out to cat food companies, pet subscription box services etc! At the very least, if you’re committed, then you should end up with some free kitty products to promote (the savings from which, seeya med school loans) *well, a bit of them at least haha! x


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