Comparison is the thief of joy.

I have never once loved another human for anything more than I have loved them for being themselves. 

Think about that. Turn it over in your head, breathe in, breathe out, and listen to it. It’s likely the same for you, too. We all think we are so flawed, and through these flaws we make ourselves different in our minds- but isn’t that what we adore about those who we cherish?

My friend Shannen has a true and wholesome goal, and that is to make the lives of those around her better. She is a sunflower amongst beige roses, a strawberry tea in a sea of soy lattes. Quiet, humble Will, who I’ve known for more years than I’ve fingers on my hand is the single best person to go through any moment of change, of wonder, of questioning the foundations of this existence with- his steadfast, honest nature is the most calming influence imaginable. Another girl I know is the most stubborn, infuriating human being on the planet- she wears her difference like a badge of honor, and it makes her cool as shit. One more is so raw in her sexual energy that it seems almost unbelievable- the integrity in which she revels isn’t at odds with this, it simply makes her all the more delightful.

We log onto Instagram, or Facebook, or a basic brunch conversation, and we see others doing so well that we wonder if being a little more them would send us straight to the happiness that they’ve captured so perfectly. It’s tricky to consider, sure. It’s also true.

Influencer marketing works because we see the people we admire do, buy, try things; and we don’t just want the experience that they are experiencing, we want to wear a little bit of them around our bones, swap a little of our essence for the goodness that their lives seem to be.

Someone I met recently said to me ‘life changed when I stopped trying to label myself. I’m not a photographer, I’m a person who likes to go on adventurers who happens to own a camera’. I nearly cheered.

How often we label ourselves, slide into neat and shiny boxes so that we can sit on a shelf next to those inspire us. The funny thing is that those whom we look up to all have that genuinety, that ‘themness’ that we try so hard to rub off of our own skin. Those whom we love, live amongst, can’t wait to see and be with, all have the naked quality of being themselves around us. Being honest to who they are and what their heart holds.

Each and every person who walks amongst us has a different experience, and a different story to tell. Did they pay for that Bora Bora trip with the inheretance from a grandparent that they’d give anything, any amount to see again just one more time? Possibly, but the snap of their smile and margarita isn’t telling that tale, and it’s one you’re not looking for.

This all reads to be a little bit negative, but look it over with a smile and you’ll see that it’s not. It is beautiful. there is beauty in pulling back your curtains and letting who you are seep out into the world, light up all that you touch with a new shade of whatever colour you are.

The same applies to what you do- there is quite likely always going to be a better singer than you (or, if you’re me, a billion!), a better business woman or student or lover. What you can do is love, sing, be as surely as you can, and when you do you you’ll be rare as hen’s teeth- utterly irreplacable.

Please, you gorgeous human, take this as a timely reminder that you are exactly what the universe needs right now. It doesn’t just need another wanderluster, or poet, or dreamer, or christian blogger, or party gal, or funny-guy. It is more than okay if you are any of these things, or all of these things, and then some- just please remember that what is most important is that you are yourself all the while. You might just be what someone else is looking up to, through rose-tinted eyes.

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  1. Mysterious says:

    Totally unrelated… keep doing what you do! And have a great day! 🙂


    1. ChloeJane says:

      Holy guacamole, how kind! I think that’s a little bit related cause that’s another way to feel a million dollars x


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