What I’m up to..

So, it’s been yonks since I sat down and wrote a blog post just for the heck of it. It’s kind of like exercise- when you’re in the habit, easy peasy- but when you haven’t done it for a while you’d probably sing opera, naked, in your closest capital city, than take the leap and get back into the swing of things. (Just me? Really not an exercise fan haha).

I sat down with the intention of writing something, anything, and here I am. It’s actually maybe a good thing, because I haven’t jotted down anything truly personal in a while. Here’s where life’s at:

// I quit my job! To freelance!! Absolute insanity, I know- but life has got so crazy that it had to be done. I left about two weeks ago, and since then have fallen back into the good old ‘life is AMAZING’ ‘how will I afford to eat’ highs and lows situation. I must admit though, it’s one that I love- and there’s no motivation like having to get stuff done, in getting stuff done!

RE: the actual work I’m doing (because it’s such an ambiguous term), it’s kind of a blend of everything. I’m doing copyediting for a whole lot of websites- that’s where I edit what’s already there- as well as copywriting for clients all over the place, I’m finding a real specialisation in photography both on and off of social media which I’m getting paid for pretty well, and I’m doing freelance PA work for a marketing manager, too!

// Our house is gooooooooooood, though to be honest I’m getting itchy feet a little bit. We’d love to end up with a really big block / a little bit of land further down the Fleurieu, and have started booking in open houses and inspections around the McLaren Vale / Willunga areas. We won’t be moving for a year or two (remember, I just quit my job haha), but it’s really handy so that we have an idea of what it is we’re actually looking for.

// Patrick and I will be jetsetting off to bali / lombok / the gili islands in june, and the usa in november. The Indo trip will be my third in three years- I really, truly love it there- and Patty’s first ever. I’m so excited and nervous, and hope he falls into the place just as deeply as I have! As for America, he’s really keen on a welding convention (see his IG page here and you’ll gettit), and I said I’ll go with him but we have to do a big trip so that the insane flight time is worth it! Lots of planning to do there, wish us luck.

// I’m in a kind of funny get-your-shit-together phase of life right now. Quarter life crisis, maybe? Watch this space- I’m certain you’ll hear more about this one!

// That’s all I can think of right now to be honest- it’s lunch time, and food is calling my name. Bellowing, shrieking my name haha- I’m super excited to post more often this year, and can’t thank you enough for reading what I do put together.


Chloe Jane x

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