“C: If you got to create an itinerary that would show off the most beautiful, underrated parts of Australia, what five places would make the list and why? 

E: Exmouth, WA – It’s a literally a little diamond in the rough. Amidst a dry barren landscape, there’s this vibrant little town that oozes good vibes, with the most incredible coastline and an ocean that feels so alive! It’s got everything travellers want to experience, without the crowds.”

That time… my body stopped working.

“I remember crying to Patrick one afternoon- would I end up in a wheelchair? Would this just keep getting worse? Was this my life now? I’d worked so hard my whole life, worked up to five jobs at a time, owning two businesses, doing a full course-load at uni, bought a house, finally started writing and adventuring and living and for what? To be completely immobilized for hours at a time with no idea why?”

Eat, Play, Love Part 1/3.

“This is a really good spot to clarify that the sweet, sweet wall out the front, which we and everyone else stood in front of to get a billion photos is in front of a busy road- like, to get the photo, you physically have to dodge cars and motorbikes and will quite possibly get told off by bemused locals for.”

Pizzateca- Italian for ‘Soul Food’.

“We met our waiter next, and while I didn’t catch his name he was a dead ringer for Matty J- mate, if you’re reading this, surely there’s a bit of a side-hustle to be had there. He was super chilled out and friendly, and didn’t judge us for not sussing out the menu for ages or for ordering half of the thing when we did. You rock, Matty J.”

Doing a Creative Writing Degree.

“The best bit is doing something I love, every day. I study my degree full-time, and being consumed by it feels intoxicating in the best possible way. If you’re struggling to enjoy what you study, or if you’re tossing up the idea of studying afresh, I urge you to consider doing something you love. It might not be writing, or painting, or artsy at all, but if it’s what you love then work will come, purpose will come, and both you and the world will be so very thankful for it.”

Seven brilliant apps that’ll up your Instagram game.

“Today I thought I’d do the old chuck-phone-in-next-room thing, pull up the blog and plug out some of the tools I use (in the form of other IPhone apps, mostly) so that you too can feed your ridiculous obsession.”

The business advice I wish I’d been given!

“With that in mind, I thought it’d be a great time to sit down and type out what I know when it comes to how to start a business. Here we go!

// Research the heck out of it.
Imagine if you dreamed up an incredible idea, that was kind of the same but completely different to any other idea out there.”

A seriously exhaustive guide to holiday binge-watching.

“While you’re wasting time with all of that dreamery (been there, done that, every holidays) (no dreamery isn’t a word, yes I love it, yes I will use it far too often from this point forwards), I’ve put together a list of the good, the so-bad-it’s-great and the excellent in terms of TV and movies on demand that you can spend your days and nights gobbling up- BYO junk food.”

Comparison is the thief of joy.

I have never once loved another human for anything more than I have loved them for being themselves.  Think about that. Turn it over in your head, breathe in, breathe out, and listen to it. It’s likely the same for you, too. We all think we are so flawed, and through these flaws we make…

All your love (Or Near Offer)

Before I get stuck into this post, I’d like to clarify that I am a very emotional person. I’m talking full blown sobbing at sad movies / happy TV shows / advertisements that tug on my heartstrings. I can’t kill a spider or a fly because in the moment between spotting the critter and doing something about…