C: How did you get there- did you follow a traditional grow-study-work path, or was there another way?’

R: Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk… it’s the only way.


How to be alone at uni without being lonely.

As a seasoned life do-er and apparently mature aged student, university is a very different experience for me than it is for most of my classmates; a tribe of young and fresh faced humans who have graduated in the last year or so. A majority of them seem to be deep in University culture- studying 3-5…

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery* *Is it, though?

Hey there, wonderful reader! Tonight’s post is a little different to my usual, and I’ve got my grumpy knickers on! (they’re not real knickers but to any underwear manufacturers out there, please put me down for a pair. And big-girl panties, and bossy pants!) In the world of being creative, or the world of business,…

Happy As Larry (CJCC news!)

Good morning, gorgeous you! You might have seen my mysterious little IG post (@chloejanegraylingsteele, shameless plug) yesterday saying that I had some exciting news- that news is that Chloe Jane Candle Co is teaming up with the wonderful / inspiring / amazing Fresh Hair And Body, and that my little candles will be available in…