Doing a Creative Writing Degree.

“The best bit is doing something I love, every day. I study my degree full-time, and being consumed by it feels intoxicating in the best possible way. If you’re struggling to enjoy what you study, or if you’re tossing up the idea of studying afresh, I urge you to consider doing something you love. It might not be writing, or painting, or artsy at all, but if it’s what you love then work will come, purpose will come, and both you and the world will be so very thankful for it.”

How to be alone at uni without being lonely.

As a seasoned life do-er and apparently mature aged student, university is a very different experience for me than it is for most of my classmates; a tribe of young and fresh faced humans who have graduated in the last year or so. A majority of them seem to be deep in University culture- studying 3-5…